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Emergency Care

Our Emergency Room Saves Lives When Seconds Count – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

We're never closed to you and your family. Southern Hills Hospital has served the southwest community with easy access to emergency care for the past 10 years. We diagnose and treat our ER patients faster and better when every second is important. Our ER is staffed 24 hours a day by ER physician specialists, highly trained ER nurses and a staff of experts who commit their life's work to patients in need. On average, patients see a qualified medical professional in 30 minutes or less. See the average ER wait times you may expect at Sunrise Health Hospitals.

Rapid evaluation of every ER patient through our Triage Program ensures that we can determine the level of care needed, start diagnostic treatments, order medications and begin life-saving interventions. Advanced digital imaging and other diagnostics are readily available such as ultrasound, x-rays, MRI’s, CT Scans and more. Emergency services and care are available to the whole family.

If you are experiencing an emergency, dial 911.

Contact a Nurse

To talk to a nurse or for referral to a Southern Hills Hospital physician, call (702) 880-2700. You can contact our nurses 24 hours a day by phone. Consult-A-Nurse® is a free service from Southern Hills Hospital designed to provide you with physician referrals and health information.


We are located on Fort Apache & Sunset, off the I-215 curve & W. Sunset exit.

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