Las Vegas, NV — Southern Hills Hospital and Medical Center is pleased to announce the completion of the very first robotic thoracic surgery case at the facility by Dr. Arnold Chung.

"We are thrilled to be able to offer this minimally invasive surgery to the community," Dr. Chung said. "This surgery is a continued effort by Southern Hills Hospital to stay on the cutting edge of technology, and procedures, to offer the best outcomes for our patients."

Dr. Chung successfully completed the surgery through the assistance of a highly specialized surgical robot. Using advanced 3D optics and specific robotic surgical instrumentation, Dr. Chung was able to see inside the patient's body to complete the surgery. The instruments fit through tiny incisions on the patient's chest.

The Surgery, Robotic-Assisted Pleurodesis, is a procedure to help prevent fluid buildup in the space surrounding the lungs. The goal for a patient is to drain this excess fluid and eliminate accumulation of fluid in the future, thus providing an outcome of increase in comfort, and reduction of the risk for potential infections or even collapse of the lung.

Traditionally, thoracic surgeries were much more invasive. A patient's entire chest would have to be opened, leading to much more potential complications, and a longer recovery time. Robotic assisted thoracic surgeries make the procedure much less invasive.

There are many benefits of robotic thoracic surgeries including: smaller incisions and trauma, improved surgical accuracy, less discomfort, fewer infections, and faster recovery for patients. The surgery was performed on July 29.

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