Las Vegas, NV - When a 33 year old leukemia patient told a nurse her dying wish was to marry her boyfriend, Southern Hills Hospital team members jumped into action to make that happen. Alysia was hospitalized in July after coming to the emergency room because she wasn't feeling well. Doctor's ran multiple tests and discovered she had leukemia.

"Alysia and I met in January and it was love at first sight," Alysia's significant other, Daniel Anzalone said. "You know when you just know? That's how it was for us. We were already talking about marriage."

Because Alysia was unable to leave her hospital room to get her marriage license, a doctor had to notarize a letter to excuse her absence. Community members also began posting on Facebook to get things needed for the wedding, including a dress and flowers.

"This really puts the words in sickness and in health into perspective," Assistant Chief Nursing Officer, Kelli Wray said. "At Southern Hills Hospital we have a saying, 'care like family'. With each patient we think, 'what would we do for our family?' That's what we did here."

Inside of her room, Alysia and Daniel were married by a priest in front of the nurses and hospital staff who have been caring for her. Shortly after the ceremony, Alysia was intubated and transferred to Utah to try to get a bone marrow transplant.

"I just want to thank everyone who made this happen," Anzalone said. "From the bottom of my heart."

Southern Hills Hospital is sending their love and well wishes to the couple and are thankful they could be a part of such a beautiful moment for Alysia and Daniel.