Our non-invasive cardiovascular testing departments are designed to assist the physician in gathering information about the patient to assess Cardiac or Vascular functioning. These departments include EKG, EEG and echocardiography.

EKG Department

In our EKG department, you can receive the following tests.

12-Lead EKG

A 12-lead EKG is a recording of your heart's electrical signals as recorded on paper. This recording will give your physician information to show any potential problems with the electrical system of your heart. Sometimes a physician may want to see more than a 12-lead EKG test can show and will order a holter monitor or an event monitor for you to wear for a longer period of time.

Stress Test

Stress tests allow your physician to see how your heart is responding to exercise. This can be a test which uses a treadmill or medication to speed up your heart. At times an echocardiogram will be performed to give the physician ultrasound images to see how your heart is working when exercising.

Echocardiography Department

In our Echocardiography department, you can receive testing which will give your physician information about how well you heart is working. These ultrasound images give clear pictures of the walls, chambers and size of your heart. Our clinical staff is specialty certified to provide the best imaging possible.

TEE Exam

The TEE exam is completed when your physician wants to have a closer look at your heart from inside your esophagus (or throat). These ultrasound images can give your physician information about diagnosing and treating diseases, infections, or problems with the walls or chambers of your heart.