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Southern Hills Hospital & Medical Center

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ER at The Lakes: A Department of Southern Hills Hospital & Medical Center

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MountainView Hospital

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Sunrise Children's Hospital

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Sunrise Hospital & Medical Center

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Single Balloon Enteroscopy

Single Balloon Enteroscopy is a minimally invasive procedure

The physician uses a longer scope for gastrointestinal (GI) procedures allowing them to further reach the small intestine, diagnose and treat patients immediately. The procedure enhances the patient's care with less recovery time, enabling physicians to identify issues faster than before.

Southern Hills Hospital is the first and only hospital to offer the procedure in Southern Nevada.

Single Balloon Enterscopy uses a hose-like scope that includes a balloon on the tip of the scope, which inflates as an anchor allowing the scope to delve further in the small intestine.

Prior to Single Balloon Enteroscopy, physicians were limited by the reach of a shorter scope and would essentially need to perform a second scoping procedure to diagnose issues. With Single Balloon Enteroscopy, physicians can enter the GI tract once, and immediately reach the area in question.