Advanced Surgical Procedures, Shorter Recovery Times

Our surgical services at Southern Hills Hospital include advanced surgery for backs, joints and heads. Physicians and specialists within our technologically advanced neurosurgery and orthopedic surgery services take a team approach to your care. All of our surgical technicians are certified with the American Surgical Technology (AST) national certification.

We offer a wide range of surgical services, including:

Spine Care

Augmented reality (AR) guided spine surgery

Southern Hills Hospital and Medical Center is the first hospital in Las Vegas and one of the only few hospitals in the country, to offer groundbreaking augmented reality (AR) guided spine surgery. The technology allows surgeons to “see” a patient’s spine in 3D through the skin during minimally invasive spine surgery, giving them better control and visualization, which may lead to easier, faster and safer surgeries.

Similar to a real-time GPS, this “see-through” surgery lets surgeons know exactly where to place the implants based on each patient’s unique anatomy, and brings a new standard of personalization and care to the operating room. The AR guided spine surgery is different from other image guidance systems as it allows surgeons to maintain their focus directly on the patient, rather than a distant screen displaying the patient’s anatomy.

Our orthopedic and spine unit has recently been updated with an additional 46 patient beds What does that mean for you? A completely dedicated orthopedic/spine department that has all-private rooms, a new physical therapy gym and certified physicians specializing in hip and knee replacements and hip fracture procedures. Our department has been awarded by The Joint Commission, the leading accreditor of healthcare organizations in America.

The Spine Program at Southern Hills Hospital and Medical Center provides you with a personalized program to treat the pain and discomfort that you are facing. Our specialized team is with you every step of the way to prepare for your surgical procedure and your individual recovery process. Our surgical robot  is the first of its kind in Nevada and allows surgeons to create smaller incisions while providing them with more accuracy. 

The Orthopedic and Spine Team at Southern Hills Hospital works closely with physicians throughout each patient’s journey to ensure that a comprehensive care plan is in place. Southern Hills is proud to have certified orthopedic nurses on our staff. Our orthopedic nurses are required to complete 100 hours of continuing education to maintain certification and provide the best possible care. Certification shows that our nurses are committed to life-long learning and a high level of knowledge that contributes to excellent patient care and safety.

Our team of experts have dedicated their careers to orthopedic medicine and will be there for you every step of the way. Whether you need a hip replacement, knee surgery and other orthopedic services, our registered nurses, physical therapists and case managers are dedicated to getting you back to doing the things you love.

For more information on orthopedic surgery offered at Southern Hills Hospital, or to register for a surgery education class, call (702) 916-5023.

Using state-of-the-art and minimally invasive techniques, our expert physicians deliver shorter recovery times and get you back into action with the activities you enjoy.