Today's teens face a variety of pressures and stressors at school, at home and in their social circles. The ups and downs of adolescence is a particularly challenging time. Our inpatient program offers treatment for teenagers who are in need of hospitalization for behavioral and mental health conditions and need new strategies to cope and live a healthy and balanced life.

Our program is ideal for adolescents, age 12-17, who:

  • Are experiencing a decline in school attendance, due to sadness or anxiety
  • Experience severe mood swings
  • Are socially withdrawn or self-isolating
  • Have difficulty expressing their feelings or who may be feelings emotions intensely
  • May experience behavioral or emotional difficulties, including disorganized thoughts or coping with traumatic events
  • May have symptoms of depression, anxiety and/or other obstacles when functioning in everyday situations
  • Need support to achieve stabilization
  • May cause harm to self or others

An individualized plan of care

A mental health plan of care involves a mind, body and social evaluation of an individual. Our program offers 24/7 treatment for adolescents experiencing mental health and behavioral challenges. We address the unique mental health needs of adolescents using a customized plan that will use some of the following methods:

  • Daily rounding by a Harvard trained Board Certified Child/Adolescent Psychiatrist
  • Therapeutic comfort room for de-escalation
  • Parental visitation daily on the unit
  • 24 hour nursing care
  • Licensed therapists experienced in working with adolescents
  • Treatment plans implemented in partnership with family
  • Seven groups a day, seven days a week
  • Recreational therapy, including pet, music and art therapy
  • Medical consultation upon admission and as needed thereafter

The Pavilion has designed a behavioral health and mental wellness program specifically for adolescents between 12 and 17 years old. To schedule an assessment, call (702) 916-5100.

Treatment Fundamentals

Our adolescent program is based on the following fundamental core values. The teens in our program will receive education, therapy and staff guidance to maintain these values.

  • Honesty
  • Consideration and Kindness
  • Respect
  • Participation
  • Communication
  • Safety

What to bring:

In order to ensure a safe environment we limit personal items on the units. We offer laundry so it is not necessary to bring extra clothing.

  • Three outfit changes (no drawstrings or belts)
  • One pair of pajamas
  • A jacket or sweater if weather permits (no hoodies)
  • Shoes that do not have shoelaces