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Our employees, physicians, and volunteers are committed to the care and improvement of human life. In doing so Southern Hills Hospital and Medical Center is dedicated to our iCare values. Each day, with each interaction, we strive to provide the best patient care, enhance services, and preserve the wonderful culture of our hospital.

Our ICARE program recognizes employees who live these values. If you witness a moment of ICARE, please complete this form so that we may recognize the individual.

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ICARE Values

Integrity: Be honest and do what you say

  • Resolve complaints with urgency / No operational excuses or blaming others for not meeting customers’ needs

Compassion: Be sympathetic to the needs of others

  • Treat the other person as they would like to be treated – “Platinum Rule”
  • Hear the issue, concern or complaint with compassion and caring
  • Avoid using technical or professional jargon. Use easily understood language and terminology when giving customers information
  • Empathize and initiate

Accountability: We take ownership for how actions impact outcomes

Respect: Value others and embrace diversity

  • Appreciate the diversity of those we work with and serve
  • Make our fellow employees feel appreciated, included, and valued through our actions and attitudes
  • Do not gossip; protect the privacy and feelings of fellow employees
  • Recognize and respect the contributions of others in the work environment because everyone here does meaningful work

Excellence: Take personal pride in exceeding expectations

  • Excellence is doing ordinary things extraordinarily well
  • Consistently makes meaningful personal connections with customers