Las Vegas, NV (February 7, 2022) -   Stroke is the leading cause of death in the United States with a stroke occurring every 40 seconds and a stroke death occurring every four minutes. Southern Hills Hospital is proud to be expanding their Stroke services recently adding Interventional Neurology. Interventional Neurology involves the use of catheters and radiology to treat stroke patients with minimally invasive image guided techniques.  Often stroke patients

Here's how it works: Neurointerventionalists will thread a catheter into the brain and remove the clot manually allowing for blood to begin flowing and can aid in restoring brain function immediately.

When it comes to treating strokes Time is Brain”, meaning the quicker a patient can be cared for the better their recovery. A huge part of treating stroke patients is identifying them in the field which is where EMS and first responders play a huge role.

Despite launching the new Interventional Neurology program for stroke patients about a month ago, Southern Hills Hospital, with the help of first responders, have treated multiple patients.

To honor the lives saved members from Southern Hills Hospital including neurologists, members of the interventional neurology team and stroke team presented AMR first responders with an award for their quick actions getting stroke patients to the hospital so they could be treated.

First responders honored Marc Johnson, Brandon Copeland, Leon hall and Ashey Archila.