On Friday, November 15th Southern Hills Hospital and Medical Center welcomed 75 Kindergartners from Faith Lutheran Elementary School. The students participated in a 'Doctor in Training' day which included a baby boot camp, operating room, and so much more.

The 5 and 6 year olds rotated through three stations: Operating room, baby boot camp, and first responder meet and greet. During the baby boot camp, the kindergartners learned how to care for a baby including, swaddling, feeding, changing a diaper and weighing their baby. In a different part of the hospital, students scrubbed in and dressed like a real surgeon and practiced their care on a 'patient' in our makeshift operating room. Finally, students got to interact with first responders including AMR, Mercy Air, and Clark County Fire. Mercy Air even landed a helicopter for the students.

Southern Hills Hospital Welcomes 75 Kindergartners for Doctor in Training Day