Las Vegas, NV – Every DAISY has its petals. The PETAL Award is a recognition program that honors the performance, dedication, and diligence of Southern Hills Hospital nursing support partners.

Southern Hills Hospital honored Nia Karla Pirante (PCT), a patient care technician who works in the hospital’s medical-surgical unit.

This is what one of Nia’s colleagues wrote about her:

“Nia is an ultimate team player who graciously helps with no complaints. She has a very positive working attitude. Nia is self-motivated and very proactive in caring for patients. One time, she noticed a patient acting differently and quickly notified me and asked how to help. Nia makes nurses’ load lighter despite a real busy shift. She is self-motivated and proactive - always anticipating the needs of patients.

For example, she prepares pitchers of ice water (for patients who need it) before we do our med pass so we don’t have to leave and get water for the patient’s medications. Nia is an asset to the hospital, very professional, always happy and smiling even in times of a stressful situation.”