Southern Hills Hospital and Medical Center want to congratulate registered nurse, Taylor Aguilar on being a Daisy Award Winner.

A colleague nominated Taylor for her outstanding work ethic and empathy. Taylor’s colleague was touched by her compassion for her family’s welfare. Here is the nomination:

I am a PCT on the 4th floor. I was fortunate to work with this fantastic nurse.  She is an excellent nurse and will not hesitate to put on her gloves to assist in cleaning patients. A patient was suspected of Monkey Pox, and they were assigned to us. She knows that I have very young children and that one of which, my son, suffers from severe asthma. During our shift, she kept going to attend to the patients, checking vitals and meals so I wouldn’t have to. Although she did not know me, and we had only worked together twice previously, she did not want me to enter the room to protect my children and me. That was very honorable, kind, and thoughtful of her. Because of her teamwork, work ethic, and care for her peers, she surely deserves this award. Thank you, you are my hero.

Southern Hills Hospital and Medical Center is grateful for Taylor Aguilar.  Her care and kindness are top notch.