Las Vegas, NV - Sunrise Health Systems, which includes Sunrise Hospital & Medical Center, MountainView Hospital and Southern Hills Hospital & Medical Center, is implementing an advanced EMS-to-hospital, notification system to exchange vital patient information in real time to healthcare providers.

The technology is called ESO Health Data Exchange, and allows EMS and hospitals to share patient data electronically. On Wednesday, Southern Hills Hospital opened their doors so people could see ESO HDE first hand. Multiple first responders, media outlets, as well as local politicians including senator Joyce Woodhouse, Assemblywoman Michelle Gorelow, and Omar De La Rosa the Assembly Republican Caucus, stopped by.

ESO makes sure all information gathered by EMS professionals, becomes available for doctors at the hospital. Sunrise Health Systems is the first to bring ESO HDE to Southern Nevada communities.

Additionally, EMS agencies will have more clinical information regarding patient outcomes to help improve overall patient experience. ESO also allows hospitals to provide critical feedback that will provide improvement in patient outcomes in the hospital environment.

With the help of ESO HDE, Sunrise Health Systems is driving the future of healthcare in Southern Nevada,” said Alexis Mussi Chief Executive Officer of Southern Hills Hospital. “ The information first responders gather in the field, and their associated treatment, is a critical piece of information for physicians in the emergency department. ESO HDE streamlines that data helping our physicians provide even higher quality care when minutes matter.

Benefits For Community Include:

  • Ensuring continuity in the patient care record for greater efficiency and effectiveness
  • Increasing timeliness of patient information being shared with emergency departments to improve patient outcomes
  • Creating a digitally-driven record sharing ecosystem that provides easy access to important clinical information, eliminating the need for unnecessary paperwork
  • Sharing of data with EMS agencies to close the clinical loop and help improve patient outcomes in the field
  • In other cities where ESO HDE's been implemented, it has been proven to save lives

Sunrise Health Systems began implementing ESO Health Data Exchange August 5th.