Neurosurgeons in Las Vegas, Nevada

For more information about neurological care and treatment options, please call our Consult-A-Nurse® team at (702) 916-5023.


Southern Hills Hospital is a Certified Primary Stroke Center recognized by The Joint Commission. This designation recognizes our hospital for providing complete stroke services, including diagnosis, treatment, education, and outreach.

Our neurology services

Residents of Southwest Las Vegas can take advantage of advanced neurological services, including minimally invasive spine surgery and stroke treatment, at our hospital. We have also expanded our neurosurgery services to include craniotomy procedures.


A craniotomy is a type of brain surgery commonly performed to remove a tumor, remove a blood clot, control hemorrhaging or relieve pressure inside the skull. The advanced neurosurgeons at Southern Hills Hospital can treat patients with technology that provides more precise navigation of the brain through flat screen viewing.

Emergency neurological care

If a neurological emergency happens to you or a loved one, the experienced teams at our emergency rooms (ERs) are standing by to provide immediate support. We provide emergency care for strokes, severe back and spine injuries, seizures and a host of other neurological conditions.

Our main ER in Las Vegas is a Certified Stroke Center and an American Heart Association “Get with the Guidelines” Stroke Gold-Plus Quality Achievement Award winner. Our award-winning care is available for patients of all ages in Southwest Las Vegas, Nevada.

Stroke treatment

We offer stroke diagnosis, treatment, education and outreach. Our highly trained team works to identify stroke symptoms as quickly as possible, beginning with emergency medical service workers in the field. By the time a patient arrives at the hospital, the stroke team is ready. We also focus on building education and awareness of stroke symptoms to both healthcare professionals and the wider Las Vegas community.

Spine care

Our spine specialists are experts in neurological and orthopedic care. From spinal fractures to degenerative disc disease, we offer a range of procedures to treat a wide range of causes of back and neck pain.