Las Vegas, NV  – March marked a significant milestone for, The Pavilion, the leading behavioral health unit at Southern Hills Hospital and Medical Center, as it celebrates five years of providing unparalleled psychiatric care to the community. Since its inception, The Pavilion has demonstrated a commitment to excellence, innovation, and compassionate care, making it a beacon of hope for individuals and families struggling with mental health challenges. 

In honor of the 5-year anniversary we are welcoming the government officials, community members and the media to attend an open house Friday April 5, 2024 from 9am to 11am. 

Established in 2019, The Pavilion has grown exponentially, evolving from a modest 14-bed unit exclusively serving geriatric populations to an expansive 80-bed facility catering to individuals aged 12 and older. This expansion has enabled us to meet the increasing demand for high-quality behavioral health services in our community, ensuring that individuals of all ages receive the care and support they need to thrive. 

One of the hallmarks of The Pavilion is its outstanding Psychiatry Residency Program, which attracts top talent and fosters the development of future leaders in the field of psychiatry. Under the guidance of our esteemed medical directors, Dr. Bhushan and Dr. Freedman, and a team of dedicated healthcare professionals, The Pavilion has garnered recognition as the premier destination for comprehensive behavioral health care in the southwest Las Vegas Valley. 

"Our commitment to providing exceptional care extends beyond the walls of our facility," said Allison Zednicek Chief Operations Officer of Behavioral Health at Southern Hills Hospital and Medical Center. "Our staff and leaders actively participate in various community events, including health fairs, school events, and fundraisers, to raise awareness and promote education about mental health. We believe that by engaging with the community, we can reduce stigma and empower individuals to seek the help they need." 

In recognition of our dedication to excellence, all of our Behavioral Health units have received prestigious recognition through HCA's Unit of Distinction Program for 2024. This accolade underscores our commitment to delivering superior care and achieving outstanding patient outcomes. 

Over the past five years, The Pavilion has served thousands of patients with over 18,000 admissions, touching countless lives and making a positive impact on our community. With a multidisciplinary team comprising of experts in various specialties, including gerontology, addiction medicine, neurology, and more, we provide comprehensive, personalized care to meet the diverse needs of our patients. 

"We are incredibly proud of the exceptional team we have assembled at The Pavilion," said Alexis Mussi, CEO of Southern Hills Hospital. "Their dedication, expertise, and compassion are the driving forces behind our success, and we are grateful for their commitment to our patients and their families." 

As we celebrate this milestone, The Pavilion remains steadfast in its mission to transform lives, inspire hope, and promote mental wellness in our community. We look forward to continuing our journey of excellence for generations to come. 

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